Buddha teachings on how to calm your mind

hi friends, today i tell you about buddha teachings on how our mind works. It is an old incident. Gautam Buddha was passing through a village with his disciples, he suddenly felt thirsty

. Buddha told a disciple that we are sitting under the tree and you bring water from the pond. The disciple obeyed his guru and reached the pond and saw that the farmers are bathing their bulls and some women are washing clothes.

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Over all, the water of the pond was very dirty. The disciple did not understand how to drink dirty water to his master and he returned without taking water.

Going back, He said to buddha, sir, i am sorry, The water was very dirty, so could not bring it for you. Buddha replied to his disciple that you rest here for a while.

buddha teachings to disciple

After about half an hour, The Buddha told the disciple that you go. Bring water from the some pond, I am very thirsty. The pupil returns to same pond and sees that the dirty water is now clear.

The soil of the pond had sat, The water had cleared. The disciple filled water in the vessel and returned back to the Buddha. And said that i could not understand how the water clean.

how mind is working

problem solving technique
problem solving technique

Buddha said that I was trying to explain to you that the way in which the water of such a dirty pond has been cleared over time. its soil has sat down is bottom. The same way your mind is working.

When your mind is disturbed, no important work should be done in that state. Over time, your mind will clam down, only then you should do something important.

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calm your mind with time

Many times we try a lot and work very hard, just thinking about the result. you just want desired result by any way. But at that time we do not notice that our mind is unbalanced.

No matter how much we try with our restless mind, we will not succeed. Give your brain some time for successful efforts and try to remain calm. Every effort made with a Calm mind will succeed.

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