eye drawing for beginners in 7 easy steps

Eye drawing is the dream of every artist. It is believed that the eyes are such a part of the body. which is capable of expressing all emotions alone. It is a pleasure for an artist to draw an realistic eyes.

Here I am going to teach you about realistic drawing of eyes. It is a simple process but sometimes beginners make some mistakes which reduces the beauty of drawing.

I am making an effort here that you can understand the process of this drawing properly and if you are a beginners then make a drawing with us, you will get great benefit from it.

eye drawing technique
eye drawing A

step 1 ;

As shown in the figure, you will make lightly outlines and take special care for its proportions. It the ratio does not come out first time, try two to four times, then ratio of length and width will be correct.

One important thing to note here that beginners always make a mistake is that some people make the pupil as complete circle. while you will notice that this does not happen in realistic drawing.

eye drawing
eye drawing B

step 2

By the darkest pencil (8 B or Black) dark the outer portion of pupil. A small circle in the center also has to be dark for Irish. As shown in picture,

step 3

you should leave a small section blank to show the reflection. This will add more reality to the picture.

rps20191004 151629
eye drawing C

A very fine line will be drawn around the iris with any light pencil.

step 4

To make eyelashes, you need to draw several small curved lines with pencil above and below the eyes and also draw a curved line parallel to the eye.

eye drawing
eye drawing D

step 5

Now we start making eyebrows. if we are making a man’s eyebrows, we will show it a little wider and bigger.

rps20191004 151923
eye drawing E

If we are making a woman’s eyebrows, we will show it to be thinner and more of a search line.

eye drawing technique
eye drawing F

step 6

keep in mind that the direction of the eyebrow all the hair should be in the same directions,

rps20191004 152403
eye drawing G

step 7

if we are making the lift eye, the direction of the hair will be on the left hand side and if we are making the right eye then the hair will be the direction of the many hairs.

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