How to draw step by step drawing of flower

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Step by Step drawing flowers for kids and beginners:

Here, i am trying to present drawing tutorial in very easy way for step by step drawing flowers. Any flower is know for its beauty and fragrance. creating a picture of flowers gives a very good feelings. Today we will learn to draw a beautiful flower picture. The kids and beginners should learn very easily.

Flower drawing
Step by step drawing flower

Steps for flower drawing:

Step: one

                                    First, to represent the middle part of the flower, we make a small circle. Now, dark the circle, while darkening the circle, middle part will leave empty, because light color should be used for to show any elevated part of an object. Dark color is used for show depth.

Drawing flowers
Step: two

                                     Now, we shart making flower petals. Starting from any part of circle, you will make four petals, ( As shown in figure). Now these petals will shade from inside with pencil. These shading should be in the same direction. As shown in the picture, outer side of the four pictures, outer side of the four petals will mark by the pencil.

drawing of flower step by step
Step: three for flower drawing

                                    From the bottom of this flower, will create a line ( which should not straight). Perpendicular of this line will draw a small line, which look like "y". Now, we will make a leaf from this small line.
drawing of flower
Step: four for drawing flowers

                                As you have just made, in the same way you have to make a small "y" on the right side of the main line. here, we also make leaf as shown in figure. you will see that you draw three leaves.

Drawing flowers
Step: five, flower drawing

 Step by step drawing flower final TouchUp:                         

In the end, we will darken the hole picture (DRAWING). Make some hatching shading on root side of leaf. Let us know that the hatching shading is a cross line shading, which is easy to do.

Flower drawing
Step by step Drawing Flower for Kids and Beginners

                                  Now your picture is ready. And hopefully, that you will continue drawing along with babas art.


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