Learn 7 techniques and tips for easy drawing

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7 tips and techniques for easy drawing

Drawing tips
Tips for easy drawing

Hi friends, I am going to give some drawing tips, you have to put it in mind and understand it closely. The most important thing is, more you practice, the more your drawing will look better.

● Old Japanese technique for easy drawing :              

  My dear friends, first of all have I am talking about the "easy drawing" in the same word the secret is hidden. In Japan, a method is adopted in which large and hard work is divided into small pieces frame and the smallest part of that work is completed immediately. The biggest effect of this is on the mind and it makes the hard work even easier.
Watercolor drawing
Watercolor painting

                      This is my first method that any hard and difficult drawing can be drawn easily. Take any drawing, focus on small part and draw it well. Then see, how easily the picture was formed.

● Faith in yourself :

                            This is the way, I have been adopting myself for many years, It you have to draw a good drawing then you have to get rid of your mind. "if any part of the picture (drawing) is not being draw well by me then, I will correct it". make such faith in your mind.
                             We should not be scared when we draw, that i can not draw well. This fear settles in the mind of beginners very fast, which makes it difficult to get out and leave it to try for the same reason.

● Line observation for easy drawing :

                             Line observation is a way, in which it is seen object in an imaginary form. Seeing an object in a hypothetical form, and make an observation as a two dimension form is correct. for example - If you want to draw a table, then you will see the table in a rectangular form, it's four legs as a four lines. In this way you can see the face of anyone in an elliptical form.

● Imagine black and white :

                                  If you have desire to become a great artist, then you should adopt this method. 
Practice for imagination

                                Take any Colorful picture and imagine that this picture is not Colorful, it is black and white. It may be a bit weird for you to do but it will come to you gradually by practice. you can understand this as precisely as the dark complexion on which it is considered to be black and where, the light colour should be considered white. It should be practiced every day for 2 to 5 minutes.

● Must practice for beginners :

                               Whenever you find the time, take a simple paper and pen and practice for straight line. In this case you do not have to take any external help like scale or anything else. you will create this free hand. First form left to right an then to right to left. If you success in making short straight line, then try to make a long straight line. in this manner you should practice. making free hand circle. first clock wise then anticlock-wise, doing this will make drawing a lot easier for you.

● Try some abstract :

                              The sign of a good artist is that he draw daily. Here I want to tell you, in the free time you should be draw anything, whether it is a tree, a face or a river. make a picture by mixing it in another picture. you should practice for abstract painting and rough drawing you can create a picture of your choice only according to your imagination. 

● Beautiful and easy drawing by maintaining ratio :

Good friday drawing
Jesus Christ

                          If you ask us what is the fundamental of drawing, then my answer will be, to 'maintain the ratio in artwork' . If your ratio is correct then what you want to show in the drawing can be easily seen you should try for maintain ratio in drawing of any pictures.
                                  After doing all of the exercises that have been told in this article, the ratio in your drawing picture will always be correct. It is our hope that after reading this article a positive changes will come in your drawing skill. If this happens our article will be considered successful.
                       Thank you so much..


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