Problem solving technique in daily life

We all having problems in life so we should learn about problem solving technique in daily life. every problem can be solved, but the biggest difficulty is to understand the problem. Many big thinkers and scientists have told that if we understand the problem correctly, then 90% of the problems are solved automatically.

Are u sad

                              Why we do not see the broblem. the main reason to this is that we do not want to change our viewpoint. Even though we are surrounded by a huge broblem. It happens to us like a monkey buts a hand in a thin jar and fists to remove the gram and closes it's fists. After closing the fist, he gets stuck in the jar. he keeps stuck because he dose not want to open his hand.

Technique for remove problem in life
Cool your mind

                               We also get trapped in the problem as long as we do not open our mind and do not understand the problem properly. One particular thing about the mind is that, even if mind understand something he realize in goodness( wholeness)                after knowing something, mind does not realize that there is still much to know or understand. This is also the main reason that we can not change our viewpoint.


Problem solving skills
Change your mindset

Problem solving technique of mind :

If we go deeper, the problem can be divided into two parts. The first is generated by the imaginary desire of our brain, which does not have any relation with reality. One way to understand such a thing is, if you consider someone ideal for yourself or things more sensible than youself, then think that if this problem was with that person then what would he do?

Problem solving tips
Be happy

                                 Simultaneously imagine a person who you think is a fool, keep the same problem with him. If in your opinion both men choose different way to solve the problem, than you should believe that, this is not a real broblem. Only, these are the fictional terms of your mind for happiness, which your mind wants to fulfill. About 99% of the problem is similar.
                                 In your view, if both people choose the same path or find no- way then you should understand this is a real broblem on which there is no emphasis on human being. There is no benefit from being disturbed by this broblem.
 Therefore there is saying that " IT IS NOT A PROBLEM, IT IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE A CHANGE"


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