Step by Step drawing flowers for kids and beginners:

Here, i am trying to present drawing tutorial in very easy way for step by step drawing flowers. Any flower is know for its beauty and fragrance. creating a picture of flowers gives a very good feelings. Today we will learn to draw a beautiful flower picture. The kids and beginners should learn very easily.

Flower drawing
Step by step drawing flower

Steps for flower drawing:

Step: one

                                    First, to represent the middle part of the flower, we make a small circle. Now, dark the circle, while darkening the circle, middle part will leave empty, because light color should be used for to show any elevated part of an object. Dark color is used for show depth.

Drawing flowers
Step: two

                                     Now, we shart making flower petals. Starting from any part of circle, you will make four petals, ( As shown in figure). Now these petals will shade from inside with pencil. These shading should be in the same direction. As shown in the picture, outer side of the four pictures, outer side of the four petals will mark by the pencil.

drawing of flower step by step
Step: three for flower drawing

                                    From the bottom of this flower, will create a line ( which should not straight). Perpendicular of this line will draw a small line, which look like "y". Now, we will make a leaf from this small line.
drawing of flower
Step: four for drawing flowers

                                As you have just made, in the same way you have to make a small "y" on the right side of the main line. here, we also make leaf as shown in figure. you will see that you draw three leaves.

Drawing flowers
Step: five, flower drawing

 Step by step drawing flower final TouchUp:                         

In the end, we will darken the hole picture (DRAWING). Make some hatching shading on root side of leaf. Let us know that the hatching shading is a cross line shading, which is easy to do.

Flower drawing
Step by step Drawing Flower for Kids and Beginners

                                  Now your picture is ready. And hopefully, that you will continue drawing along with babas art.

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7 tips and techniques for easy drawing

Drawing tips
Tips for easy drawing

Hi friends, I am going to give some drawing tips, you have to put it in mind and understand it closely. The most important thing is, more you practice, the more your drawing will look better.

● Old Japanese technique for easy drawing :              

  My dear friends, first of all have I am talking about the "easy drawing" in the same word the secret is hidden. In Japan, a method is adopted in which large and hard work is divided into small pieces frame and the smallest part of that work is completed immediately. The biggest effect of this is on the mind and it makes the hard work even easier.
Watercolor drawing
Watercolor painting

                      This is my first method that any hard and difficult drawing can be drawn easily. Take any drawing, focus on small part and draw it well. Then see, how easily the picture was formed.

● Faith in yourself :

                            This is the way, I have been adopting myself for many years, It you have to draw a good drawing then you have to get rid of your mind. "if any part of the picture (drawing) is not being draw well by me then, I will correct it". make such faith in your mind.
                             We should not be scared when we draw, that i can not draw well. This fear settles in the mind of beginners very fast, which makes it difficult to get out and leave it to try for the same reason.

● Line observation for easy drawing :

                             Line observation is a way, in which it is seen object in an imaginary form. Seeing an object in a hypothetical form, and make an observation as a two dimension form is correct. for example - If you want to draw a table, then you will see the table in a rectangular form, it's four legs as a four lines. In this way you can see the face of anyone in an elliptical form.

● Imagine black and white :

                                  If you have desire to become a great artist, then you should adopt this method. 
Practice for imagination

                                Take any Colorful picture and imagine that this picture is not Colorful, it is black and white. It may be a bit weird for you to do but it will come to you gradually by practice. you can understand this as precisely as the dark complexion on which it is considered to be black and where, the light colour should be considered white. It should be practiced every day for 2 to 5 minutes.

● Must practice for beginners :

                               Whenever you find the time, take a simple paper and pen and practice for straight line. In this case you do not have to take any external help like scale or anything else. you will create this free hand. First form left to right an then to right to left. If you success in making short straight line, then try to make a long straight line. in this manner you should practice. making free hand circle. first clock wise then anticlock-wise, doing this will make drawing a lot easier for you.

● Try some abstract :

                              The sign of a good artist is that he draw daily. Here I want to tell you, in the free time you should be draw anything, whether it is a tree, a face or a river. make a picture by mixing it in another picture. you should practice for abstract painting and rough drawing you can create a picture of your choice only according to your imagination. 

● Beautiful and easy drawing by maintaining ratio :

Good friday drawing
Jesus Christ

                          If you ask us what is the fundamental of drawing, then my answer will be, to 'maintain the ratio in artwork' . If your ratio is correct then what you want to show in the drawing can be easily seen you should try for maintain ratio in drawing of any pictures.
                                  After doing all of the exercises that have been told in this article, the ratio in your drawing picture will always be correct. It is our hope that after reading this article a positive changes will come in your drawing skill. If this happens our article will be considered successful.
                       Thank you so much..
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We all having problems in life so we should learn about problem solving technique in daily life. every problem can be solved, but the biggest difficulty is to understand the problem. Many big thinkers and scientists have told that if we understand the problem correctly, then 90% of the problems are solved automatically.

Are u sad

                              Why we do not see the broblem. the main reason to this is that we do not want to change our viewpoint. Even though we are surrounded by a huge broblem. It happens to us like a monkey buts a hand in a thin jar and fists to remove the gram and closes it's fists. After closing the fist, he gets stuck in the jar. he keeps stuck because he dose not want to open his hand.

Technique for remove problem in life
Cool your mind

                               We also get trapped in the problem as long as we do not open our mind and do not understand the problem properly. One particular thing about the mind is that, even if mind understand something he realize in goodness( wholeness)                after knowing something, mind does not realize that there is still much to know or understand. This is also the main reason that we can not change our viewpoint.


Problem solving skills
Change your mindset

Problem solving technique of mind :

If we go deeper, the problem can be divided into two parts. The first is generated by the imaginary desire of our brain, which does not have any relation with reality. One way to understand such a thing is, if you consider someone ideal for yourself or things more sensible than youself, then think that if this problem was with that person then what would he do?

Problem solving tips
Be happy

                                 Simultaneously imagine a person who you think is a fool, keep the same problem with him. If in your opinion both men choose different way to solve the problem, than you should believe that, this is not a real broblem. Only, these are the fictional terms of your mind for happiness, which your mind wants to fulfill. About 99% of the problem is similar.
                                 In your view, if both people choose the same path or find no- way then you should understand this is a real broblem on which there is no emphasis on human being. There is no benefit from being disturbed by this broblem.
 Therefore there is saying that " IT IS NOT A PROBLEM, IT IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE A CHANGE"


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drawing lover की पहली पसंद sketch drawing होती है। इसमें भी सबसे पसंदीदा होता है, वो है, Eye Drawing .  How to draw a realistic eye drawing ये सवाल अक्सर हमें परेशान करता है। चलिए आज इसका उत्तर जानते हैं 

Drawing of an eye
Realistic eye drawing

How to draw a realistic eye drawing with pencil -

● पहले हम eye की outline, को हल्के हाथ से draw कर लेगें।

Eye drawing easy
Outline for eye

● हम 2B Pencil से outer figure बनाते है। और pencil से एक छोटा square या rectangle बनायेगें। जैसा कि चित्र में बना है

Sketch drawing easy
Dark outline for eye

Pupil की shading 
अब हम 8B pencil को लेकर pupil को complete dark कर लेगें, उसके outer part में हल्की सी shading करते है।

how to draw eye
Iris and pupil shading

Iris की shading 

8B Black Pencil को लेकर pupil के चारों तरफ हल्की- हल्की lines को draw करेगें, जैसा कि आपको चित्र में दिखाया गया है। हम iris को Belding stamp के द्वारा हल्का सा shade कर लगें।
हम 4B Pencil से outline को dark करेगें और outline के outer part में हल्के हाथों से shading करेगें।

How to draw realistic eyes
Eyelashes upper

easy eye drawing
Eyelashes lower

drawing of eyelashes

जैसा कि चित्र में दिखाया गया है। महीन pencil से एक direction में eyelash को draw करेगें, फिर दोबारा eye को Pencil से dark कर लेंगे।

realistic eye drawing
Eyebrow Drawing

● drawing of eyebrow

अगर हम male की eye को draw कर रहे हो तो eyebrow, female की eyebrow की तुलना में अधिक चौड़ी और बड़ी रखना चाहिए। अब हम eyebrow पर हल्की सी shading करेगें। 8B pencil से ebro के बालों को एक ही direction में draw करेगें। अब हम eye drawing को final touchup दे सकते हैं।

समय देने के लिए बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद!

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Overview of world cup cricket 2019

The biggest cricketing extravaganza i.e. the cricket World Cup which is going to take place in England and Wales form 30th may 2019 to 14th july 2019. Cricket World Cup happens once in a 4 year and it is the most popular and watched cricket tournament in the world. It will be the 12th edition of the cricket World Cup and for the fifth time it will be played in England.

World cup cricket 2019
World cup

          Total 10 teams will participate in this time in this tournament and each team will play the nine other teams and the top 4 teams will play in the semi finals.
 The stage is set and the top players are in fray and they would like to show their prowess in the tournament at the world stage.

Drawing virat kohli
Virat kohli

                              In our website we will try to bring to you each and every match in a different and artistic fun throughout this 6 week long tournament.

                              World cup has always been the tournament to watch out for and this is the first time when no team is favourite. Any team on a given day can defeat any other team hence this is the first world cup in which there is no favourite winner and one thing is sure that all the matches will be a nail biting and there will be tough battle among the teams.

World cup cricket 2019
World cup cricket celebration

                              And the biggest match will be India versus Pakistan on 16th June 2019 at old Trafford Manchester. The whole world will be waiting with bated breath for the Battle Royals.
                             With the tension surrounding both the Nations and no political and diplomatic relationship in the last couple of months this match can prove to be one of the Most important point in the relation between both the countries. so friends just more than a months is left enjoy the countdown see you soon in future.
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